“Music was my first love, and it will be my last” – this phrase fits like a glove to Criss Tonino. At the age of 3 years he fell in love with music, especially with the drums because of a drummer one floor above who influenced his passion to the music. Also his mother discovered very early, that he had musical talent and supported it. Already at the age of 7 he was a member of a school choir, one year later he had guitar and keyboard lessons, however, he stayed focused on his music and joined later a rockband.

At the age of 13 he fell in love with turntables und was spinning records mostly at youth centers.  Success demands courage and passion – at that time there was a real scene for musicians and dancers coming up and so it didn´t take long until he produced his first group „Street Sensation“ with the local success. Only a year later the owner of a professional music studio recognised his talent too and took him in. During this time he gathered a lot of experience with a wide variety of musicians and famous artists like Keith Sweat (“Twisted” “Nobody”) and Mike Marshall („Rumors“ „I got 5 on it“).

After all, it was time to strike a new and distinct path, although he was just 17 he founded/set up his first music productions and booking company. He was co-producer, songwriter and programmer to many different artists, like E-Rotic, Das Modul, God´s Groove, DJ Bobo and Mr. President. Also “Rita-Pop” who won three times platinum and 4 times Gold in Hungary. These projects took him through half of Germany (Black Forest, Stuttgart, Düsseldorf etc.).

After receiving an offer from Spain as a radio host, he didn´t think twice and lived almost a year in north spain. But he missed producing and programming. So he took assignments from Da Hool and Tom Novy right after coming back. He built „Phatt Krazy Records GbR“ and became partners with Jack White and the Jack White Productions AG / BMG Ariola.

This partnership brought successful assignments. He composed / produced for Sarah Connor (No.1 single „From Sarah with Love“ and some Songs for her debut album „Green Eyed Soul“), Chris Moutas (#18 in the US Billboard Charts and her album „Here I am“), Nelly feat. Kelly Rowland, Gravediggaz and Lou Bega worked with him.

Since 2004 Criss began to work as a freelance producer after having a one-year break. He met Pietro Mattina (owner of media29.com) and they were both crazy about the same ideas. Together they produced with and for Pachanga, David Banner, Tweet feat. Missy Elliott, Goleo, Crazy Frog and many others.

He has many other talents where he shows his creativity. Meanwhile he has a lot of references as photographer, art designer and also web designer.